Shipping / Offshore

Companies in the Maritime Sector often use financial instruments. Whether you have debt, lend money, invest in securities or uses forward contracts and derivatives, we can offer solutions that satisfy your needs.

With an impressive portfolio of clients in this sector, including Klaveness Marine, Wilh. Wilhelmsen, Awilhelmsen Arne Blystad, Westfal-Larsen, Odfjell Offshore, Knutsen OAS Shipping, Grieg Star, Solvang, Rasmussengruppen, it is easy to understand that this is one of our key segments.

Escali Financials automates most routines and calculations, and it can be linked with our clients other data systems. Escali Financials is a combined portfolio system, treasury system, cash management system and internal banking system. The Escali Financials also handles most requirements under IFRS and US GAAP accounting in relation to financial instruments.

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