Gerdt Sverre Vedeler, CEO / Founder

Phone: + 47 55 52 77 71 / + 47 92 62 20 63

In Escali since: 2002

Gerdt Vedeler has an MBA in International Business from The European University in Geneva (Switzerland), a BBA in Business from The Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and Basic Officer Education from The Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy.

He was previously the Founder and CEO in Ledelsesinformasjon, CFO and System Developer in Onsoft Computer Systems and Mobilization Officer in The Royal Norwegian Air Force.

Albert Henrik Vedeler, Sales & Marketing Director / Co-Founder

Phone: + 47 55 52 77 73 / + 47 45 83 01 93

In Escali since: 2002

Albert Vedeler has a BBA in International Business and Marketing from Suffolk University in Madrid (Spain), a Lower Degree program in Organizational- and occupational psychology from the University of Bergen and a Project & Quality Management program from the LBA School.

He previously worked as the Sales and Marketing Manager in Ledelsesinformasjon, a Sales and Recruitment Consultant in, an Accountant in Hordaland County and a Market Project Analyst in Statkorn. 

Frank Carlsen, Senior Financial Advisor / Manager of Consulting Services

Phone: + 47 55 52 77 78 / + 47 459 63 612

In Escali since: 2014

Frank Carlsen has an MBA in Finance and is a Certified European Financial Analyst from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). 

He was previously the CEO of Gyril, Brady Energy and Viz Risk Management. He has also been the Debt Manager in Norges Hyptekinstitutt and worked as a Senior Financial Advisor for AGL CapNor. 

Stefan Vedeler, Developer Manager

Phone: + 47 55 52 77 74 / + 47 936 44 515

In Escali since: 2003

Stefan Vedeler has a BBA in Computer Engineering from Bergen University College.   

He has been in Escali all his working life.


Viatcheslav Gusarov, Product and Quality Manager

Phone: + 47 55 52 7781 / + 47 458 30 196

In Escali since: 2004

Viatcheslav Gusarov has a Master Degree in Finance from Norwegian Shool of Economics and an Engineering Degree from Novgorod State University (Russia). 

He started his Professional career as a Financial Advisor in Novgorod Municipality. He began as a Consultant in Escali in 2003 and was promoted to Senior Consultant after two years. In 2009 he became the Product and Quality Manager of Escali.