14 May 2019

ABAX has chosen Escali Leasing

ABAX has chosen Escali Financials as a software solution for managing leases under IFRS 16.

5 Jun 2018

Webinar IFRS 16 Leasing (Regulations and demo of leasing module)

Are you prepared for the changes? From 1 January 2019, a new regulatory framework for leases (IFRS 16) will apply. We warmly welcome you to our free Webinar regarding IFRS 16 Leasing for English speaking audience 12. september 2018.

15 May 2018

15 May 2018

Leasing module - IFRS 16

Our New Leasing-module has been launched, marketed and is in daily use already (IFRS 16 compliance)

22 Mar 2018

Top 25 FinTech Solution Provider Companies

Top 25 FinTech Solution Provider Companies

Escali is on the Top 25 list of FinTech Solution Provider Companies - 2018.