16 Mar 2020

Corona update

We have a pandemic, many are concerned, both for their own health and the health of others, but also for the social consequences. On top of this, many are concerned about their private finances. The global stock market has crashed, several thousand employees are laid off and many are afraid loosing their job.

We have a commitment to or customers, both in terms of delivering a product and service, but also joint responsibility for avoiding the spread of the coronavirus. None of our employees are sick, but we have encouraged our employees to work from home. All meetings externally and internally in the following weeks will be done via video conferencing (Skype or Teams). Escali's branches in Oslo and Bergen are now spread around in private homes in Drammen, Asker, Oslo, Bergen and Askøy. All support, all webinars and monitoring of operating services will go as normal. The same applies to the further development of the software and deliveries. Support is open from 08:30 to 16:00 (
/ +47 55 52 77 77).