Escali Data Manager

An automatic service solution to import, process and export market data. The system can be setup to, for example, import currency rates, IBOR-rates, stock quotes and master data from Bloomberg at predefined times. Other data such as bank balances can be imported at different times as required. You can also export balances, cost price and quantity to Infront as often as required. Escali Data Manager has interfaces with Bloomberg, Infront, Thomson Reuters, The Central Bank of Norway, Banqsoft, Nordic Bond Pricing, Nordic Trustee, OpusCapita, Trezone and 120 banks worldwide, as we as Excel and CSV fil import and export. 

Today we support Automatic import and export of:

  • Market prices / quotes
  • Currency rates
  • Interest and IBOR rates
  • Master data
  • Transactions and cash flows
  • Bank balances