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Simplify your treasury and
portfolio management




Flexible, reliable and dynamic

Simplify your financial, treasury and portfolio management through Stacc Escali solutions. We develop software solutions for management of financial instruments, liquidity, cash, risk management, leasing/IFRS16 and supervisory reporting. We contribute with courses, support and good training in our software. We provide our customers with simple and user-friendly solutions. We work continuously to update our programs. Among other things, we are developing a new and modern front-end so that it will be even easier to use our systems.

Powerful features


Reliable system

Software solutions with secure methods to communicate, store and trace data. Proven by more that 200 clients since 2002. ISO-9001 & 27001 certications.


100+ standard integrations

ERP-systems, market data providers, BI-systems & Datawarehouses. Microsoft Office and banks.



Highly automated solutions
Automatic import & export
Import and interpretation of contract notes
Scheduled tasks

Treasury operations

A complete treasury solution for management of debt, cash, liquidity, securities, leasing, FX, and derivatives. Stacc’s treasury management system is a highly automated and scaleable solution, proven by more than 100 clients in the Nordics within shipping, industry, real estate, energy, bank and the public sector. 


Portfolio management

Simplify your asset, wealth and portfolio management by using Escali Financials. Escali Financials is a complete portfolio management solution for management of investments in all types of securities. This includes shares, bonds, time deposits, funds, private equity, and derivatives. It also includes functionality for short trading.

Supervisory reporting
Supervisory reporting for pension schemes (EIOPA), insurance companies (Solvency II) and banks made easy. Large amounts of data needs to be reported accurately. Comprehensive validation rules place great demands on both content and format. With the help of Escali Supervision, you can easily gather data from multiple sources, ensuring the necessary information is in place for submission to the regulators.
Here is what our customers have to say
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"Escali Financials is user-friendly and gives us good control and overview of the loan portfolio. The system has made the reporting of these activities significantly easier. It also helps us with the pricing of our financial instruments."

CFO, Eviny
Harald Reikvam

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"Escali Financials and Escali Risk Manager are a user-friendly Portfolio management solution. The system gives us a good overview off all the investments in the Family office. Escali offers us good service and we are very pleased with them."

Vice president, Toluma
Jørn B. Lyshoel

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"Escali Financials has streamlined the treasury management of the municipality in the areas of control, reporting, budgeting and accounting."

VP of Finance, Municipality of Bergen
Erik Salen

"The Financial Managers autonomous car"

Stacc Escali is a software company and part of the FinTech-group, Stacc. Stacc Escali is a leading provider of software solutions for management of financial instruments, liquidity, cash and risk management.


What is Treasury Management?

Treasury management or treasury operations is management of an organisation’s holdings, with the goal of managing the firm's liquidity and minimize its operational and financial risk. Treasury Management includes a firm's payments, investment, and funding activities.

In larger firms, it may also include financial risk management. This is the practice of protecting the economic value in a company using financial instruments to manage exposure to financial risk, such as operational-, credit- and market risk.

In general, a company's treasury operations are under the control of the CFO, Vice-President / Director of Finance or Treasury Manager, and is handled on a day-to-day basis by the organization's treasury staff, controller, or financial staff.

What is Portfolio Management?

Portfolio management or asset management is the practice of increasing total wealth over time by acquiring, maintaining, and trading securities that have the potential to grow in value. Asset management has the goal to increase value and minimize the risk at the same time. Portfolio Management is the science of selecting a group of investments that meet the long-term financial objectives and risk tolerance of a client, a company, or an institution.

Portfolio management is important in investment corporations, family offices, insurance companies, pension funds and banks.

The daily tasks include management of an organisation’s investments. This includes follow-up og portfolio strategies, risk management, performance, and benchmarking. It also includes accounting and tax.

What is Leasing Management?

Leasing management or lease administration is the day-to-day execution of responsibilities linked to a company’s lease portfolio. It includes reporting, accounting (i.e., IFRS 16) and other administrative tasks.
Every lease contract has specifications and obligations that must be fulfilled, and someone is usually in charge of completing them.
The lease was earlier only seen as an expense of the company and keeping track of commitments and lease conditions was not a top priority. However, lease management has evolved into a critical practice that has an impact on financial reporting.
If a company want to comply with IFRS 16, you will need a leasing management system to calculate the lease obligation (debt in the balance sheet), “Right-to-use” (asset in the balance sheet), interest, instalments and accruals.
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