Escali Financial Systems offers a number of FinTech solutions that can work together or run independently. The systems are delivered in the Cloud (SaaS). The Escali Financial Suite consists of:

Escali Financials

A software solution for management and performance measurement of financial instruments, leasing, cash and liquidity. The system handles all common financial instruments and covers tasks for Front-, Middle- and Back Office. It can be used as a Portfolio-, Treasury and Liquidity Management System – A complete Financials software solution. The system has integration to approximately 50 Accounting Systems (export of ledger transactions) and includes more than 200 standardized reports, several dashboards and a reporting tool powered by Microsoft Power BI Technology. The system consists of the following integrated modules that can be used independently or in any combination:

·          Stock / Funds: For management and performance measurement of investments in shares, private equity and all types of funds.

·          Bonds: For management and performance measurement of investments in bonds, treasury bills and other interest instruments.

·          Fund transparency: To assess total exposure to individual securities in different funds.

·          Settlement: For payment of transactions.

·          Bank / Liquidity: For management of bank balances, time deposits, operational cash flows and liquidity.

·          Other derivatives: For management of options, subscription rights, warrants and forwards related to equities, commodities etc.

·          Debt: For management of debt (loans), including cash flow forecasting. Particularly suited to the management of external loans.

·          Internal bank: For management of intercompany loans, including cash flow forecasting. 

·          Interest derivatives: For management and pricing of interest derivatives, incl. Interest Rate Swaps (IRS) and Future Rate Agreements.

·          FX derivatives: For management, measurement and pricing of FX derivatives, including FX Options, FX Swaps, FX Spots and FX Forwards.

·          Leasing: For management of leasing contracts (cash flows, accounting, IFRS 16)

Escali Data Manager

An automatic service solution to import, process and export market data. Includes robotics of other tasks in our solutions as well. The system can be setup to, for example, import currency rates, IBOR-rates, stock quotes and master data from Bloomberg at predefined times. Other data such as bank balances can be imported at different times as required. You can also export balances, cost price and quantity to Infront and Bloomberg as often as required. Escali Data Manager has interfaces with Bloomberg, Infront, Refinitiv, The Central Bank of Norway, Banqsoft, Nordic Bond Pricing, Nordic Trustee, Nomentia, Trezone and 120 banks worldwide, as well as Excel and CSV file import and export. If you don't have licences on 3rd party solutions such as Bloomberg, Refinitiv or Infront, don't worry. We distribute currency rates and the most common IBOR rates on daily basis.

Escali Supervision

A software solution for supervisory reporting within the insurance and pension fund sector. It offers a user friendly and efficient way to import and validate data. The system generates all QRT reports required for Solvency II reporting. It also generates all reports required for IORP II / EIOPA. Integration with existing systems ensures a good audit trail and consistency between different reports. 

Escali Reports

Our reporting tool. Escali Reports gets data from Escali Financials and can be used as a stand-alone-application. It is delivered with powerful standardized reports with full drill-down-functionality. You can also design your own reports or edit/change the excisting ones. Based on Power BI technology.