Escali Portfolio Management

Escali Portfolio Management System


Simplify your asset management by using Escali Financials. Stacc’s portfolio management system is a highly automated, scalable and sophisticated solution. It is used by more than 100 clients in the Nordics, including pension schemes, insurance companies, family offices, asset managers and investment corporations.


A scalable and modern solution

Escali Financials is a scalable, modern, and user-friendly portfolio management solution for investments in shares, bonds, time deposits, private equity, and derivatives. It also includes functionality for short trading. The solution is integrated with 50+ ERP systems, brokers, trading platforms, banks and BI-systems and includes a high degree of automated routines and calculations.


Increase efficiency!

Escali Financials automates tasks and makes portfolio and asset management highly efficient. Contract notes can be imported and interpreted from more than 25 different brokers. Ledger transactions can be transferred to your accounting system automatically. The system also reconciles data with the accounting system.

The system is integrated with Bloomberg, Refinitiv and Infront terminals. Market data can be imported automatically, but the system can also export portfolio data to Bloomberg PORT and Infront Portfolio Tracker.

Fully integrated with MS Office, you can easily access data from Escali Financials in Power BI or Excel. SQL database technology makes it easy to integrate with a data warehouse or BI-solution. The system is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), where no installation is required.

A recognised solution

Used by the largest family offices in the Nordics, pension schemes, insurance companies and asset managers, the system includes all modern performance measures such as time-weighted return and money-weighted methods (Modified Dietz, Chained Modified Dietz, Hardy’s Formula etc.). The system is based on Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).


Strategy and risk

The risk management module enables you to follow-up the most advanced strategies, risk measures, attribution analyses and complex benchmarks.


A comprehensive solution

The solution includes over 200 visual reports and numerous standardised dashboards. In addition, it is possible to produce your own dynamic reports and dashboards in the reporting tool Escali Reports, powered by Power BI technology.