about us

Escali is a software company. We develop FinTech solutions within Treasury-, Liquidity-, Leasing- and Portfolio Management. 

We offer the following software solutions:

Escali Financials          A Complete module based solution to handle Financial instruments, Cash, Liquidity and Leasing.  
Escali Risk Manager   To analyze and report financial risk
Escali Data Manager  A service for automatic import / export of rates, bank balances, master data, Transactions, Interest and robotics in Escali Financials 
Escali Supervision      A supervisory Reporting tool for Pension Funds and Insurance Companies (Solvency II, EIOPA/IORP II).

All software solutions are delivered as Software-as-a-Service solution, called Escali Online, which is a service for delivery and operation of our own software solutions in the cloud. This service is set up by our subcontractor, Cloudsys and is operated on a Microsoft Azure platform.

The Company is a Microsoft Certified Partner and we also have partnerships with OpusCapita, Infront, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters and Cloudsys.

Our Head Office is in Bergen, Norway.