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Simplify your treasury operations by using Escali Financials. Stacc’s  treasury management system is a highly automated and scaleable solution which is used by more than 100 clients in the Nordics, mostly within shipping, real estate, energy, banks and public sector.

A complete solution

Escali Financials is a complete treasury solution for management of debt, cash, liquidity, securities, leasing, FX, and derivatives. The system automates many routines and calculations and is integrated with 50+ ERP systems, banks, data warehouses, market terminals and BI systems.

A modular and flexible system 

The system can be used by one person or hundred users. It is possible to only use one module, several, or all modules. The setup is flexible, and you only pay license for the modules and services you need. All modules include automatic book-keeping and APIs to a numerous ERP- systems. The system also includes until 38 daily FX rates and the most common reference rates such as EURIBOR, ESTR, SOFR, TERM SOFR, USD LIBOR, STIBOR, SWESTR, CIBOR, DESTR, NIBOR and NOWA.  

The system has the following modules:

  • Debt
  • Internal bank
  • Interest derivatives
  • FX derivatives
  • Leasing
  • Other derivatives
  • Bank & liquidity
  • Settlements
  • Stocks & funds
  • Bonds
  • Fund transparancy
  • Risk management

The system has over 200 visual reports and numerous standardised dashboards. In addition you can produce your own dynamic reports and dashboards. It also includes an app (iOS/Android). The system is delivered with a reporting tool, Escali Reports which is powered by Power BI technology.

The Treasury Managers autonomous car 

Stacc Escali’s vision is to deliver the treasury managers autonomous car. Today Escali Financials replaces numerous pages of spreadsheets, manual calculations, and manual input. Transactions, master data and market data can be imported automatically from trading platforms, ERP-systems, banks and marked data vendors such as Infront, Bloomberg and Refinitiv. 
financial system
It also exports data to ERP-systems, Liquidity and Payment Solutions, Data Warehouses, BI-solutions, and Data Terminals. Interest fixes are automated. Stacc Escali’s treasury management system can also import and interpret FX contracts automatically. 

A user-friendly solution  

The interface is intuitive, and the menus are tailored for your requirements and needs. The system is easy to understand and learn. Fully integrated with MS Office, you can easily export or link data to Excel or Power BI. The SQL database technology makes it easy to integrate with a Data Warehouse or BI-Solution. No installations are needed. The system is delivered in the cloud, as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and support is included. 

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